Anti Aging

Many of Teba’s clients are interested in utilizing the very best products to preserve their youthful appearance. We offer our services to individual patients as well as dermatological practices and doctors. At Teba, we offer our clients an abundance of tools and treatments to match each client’s unique needs. In addition, we have commercial products available such as Botox, Juvederm and others. Anti-aging products are commonly sought for the client concerned with ease of application, health and safety. Our compounded anti-aging products can be made in the form of a peel, mask, facial cleanser, cream, lotion, ointment or gel. Depending on your personal preference and desired dosage, we have a wide array of options for all of your anti-aging needs.

Many of our clients enjoy having a customized peel with ingredients that take into account their skin sensitivity, while others enjoy a facial cleanser that is truly their own, with ingredients and scents to their liking. Our patients find this to be beneficial and rewarding.

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